Nashville Promise Neighborhood is a revolutionary strategy to improve schools and communities.

Our Promise to Nashville

The Nashville Promise Neighborhood is a collaborative network of services and supports which result in the following:

  • Successful students
  • Healthy families
  • Vibrant neighborhoods
  • Graduates moving on to college and career

We promise to work together to provide an effective cradle-to-career continuum of services for the 6,000+ school-age children and their families in the Stratford cluster. We promise to bring together government organizations, non-profits, schools, universities and neighbors to create a network of effective, year-round supports for the Nashville Promise Neighborhood. We promise to ensure access for all neighborhood residents - regardless of age, income level, or education - to a range of family and community supports. We promise we are different. We are taking our programs to scale - bigger and better! We promise to use research so that we support the programs with proven successes.

The Nashville Promise Neighborhood promises:

  • Children grow up healthy - including healthy babies at birth; children free of abuse and neglect; children with a strong, positive sense of personal and community identity.
  • Students are ready to succeed in school - including children who are mentally, physically and emotionally ready to start school; families are actively involved in neighborhood schools; youth are prepared for productive careers and/or college; children succeed regardless of race or income-level.
  • Families are healthy and live in vibrant neighborhoods - including connecting families to supportive networks and needed services; families have steady employment; neighborhoods are safe and free of violence and crime.

Planning Process

On October 29, 2012, working groups of the Advisory Board shared their plans and ideas at a public meeting. Here are some of their presentation materials.

  • Highway to Health: A video that received an honorable mention in the "Let's Move" video challenge issued by First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • Read and Eat: An overview of Martha O'Bryan Center's partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank to provide access to fresh produce for families.
  • Family engagementThe benefits of family engagement in the Nashville Promise Neighborhood.
  • Community survey: Results of a community survey in the Nashville Promise Neighborhood target area.
  • Middle school to high school transition: Outlining the problems – and proposed solutions – for transitioning youth into high school.
  • Asthma management: The steps taken to address the high rate of asthma among children and youth in the Stratford Cluster.
  • Vibrant neighborhoods: Shelby Hills Neighborhood Association uses data from the Nashville Promise Neighborhood community survey as a guide for action.
  • Kindergarten readiness: PowerPoint information of a virtual Pre-K for Metro Nashville Public Schools families.